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Service & Repair


Exceptional Service

Our service department specializes in high grade timepieces, but don’t let that stop you from bringing in that cherished pocket watch from your Grandfather.

We truly handle every job with the utmost respect from start to finish.

Our service and repair technicians are unequalled.


A World Class Facility

Not only does our staff consistently perform with a high level of technical skill and expertise, they are also supported by some of the most sophisticated instruments available.

It’s the same kind of setup to be found only in the best watch repair centers in the world.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

For example, the Witschi ALC 2000 is designed to test for seal integrity (leaks in watches). It’s fast, extremely reliable, and works according to a new difference pressure method that delivers a precise numerical measurement result. That also makes it ideal for quality control in watch production.

You’ll find the ALC 2000 at Howard Frum Jewelers and only the most exclusive, high class service centers worldwide.


Customer Confidence

All of our customers who come to us for service are treated with the finest European technicians who represent nearly 100 years of combined experience working on High-Grade watches.

Now that’s experience you can trust with confidence.

Free Watch Polishing


Did you know that we offer FREE lifetime polishing?

Give us a call today at 312-332-5999
to learn more about this service.

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