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About Us

In the beginning.

After opening an antique shop in 1976, Howard had the opportunity to buy his first Rolex at the low price of $175. Better yet, he sold the watch to a delighted customer almost immediately, passing along a nice chunk of the savings while still making a modest profit.

Long story short: everyone was happy with this beautiful arrangement, so an iconic Chicago watch merchant was born.

A typical Howard story.

It was ‘Black Monday’, 1987, and the stock market had just crashed. As many investors sat in stunned disbelief, Howard was already on the move with his friends towards Kinko’s for a long night of printing and copying.

Later armed with carloads full of printed T-shirts and flyers, Howard and his crew showed up at the Board of Trade’s parking lot for a simple promotion, but one that proved to be highly effective.

The short message on his material read:

“Howard Frum will buy your watch.”

…and the rest is history. Thanks for visiting!

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